Saturday, 8 November 2008

Coloured & sculpted HDPE (plastic milk bottle material)

Ateliero decided to design some innovative surfaces for lighting applications.  This led to the design and development of the EcoPETlite concept, whereby reclaimed PET or HDPE bottles can be recycled using sophisticated methods that colour, texture and sculpt the original material to become something really beautiful......the perfect material for lighting applications, while also being sustainable.


Chris & Jess said...

You dont know who i am, i was just looking at different blog and saw some of your work and i have to say it is absolutely amazing your very talented!

Jo Riddle said...

Hello Chris, thankyou so much for your lovely comment. Please follow my blog for more updates. Congratulations on your special blog story and the news of your first baby too.
Best Wishes,
Joanne x

worldofemma said...

Hey jo, You're coming on leaps and bounds. I'm really enjoying watching your work grow. I'm looking forward to reading your regular updates. I have some other friends have a great blog I think you'll enjoy...brown paper and string. Check them out. Take care.

Jo Riddle said...

Hi Emma, thanks so much for your lovely comments. I will try and keep the blog updated regularly. I will also follow yours too and have really enjoyed looking at your photos the picture of the heart shaped flower bed in the garden, your garden? It's just gorgeous! Thanks again and have a super week with your family. Love Jo xx

worldofemma said...

I fond the garden on holiday in france. I wish it was my garden, I absolutley loved it when I saw it. Just stubbbled across it on a walk, Very lovely indeed. If you want to get your teeth into another fab blog, Check out 'Brown paper and string'. A group of my lovely friends have set it up and I just love reading it every day. Lots of insperation.

Great to hear from you...Mrs busy bee.

Lots of love

Emma. x

Jo Riddle said...

Yeah! The garden is fab and a real gem of a find indeed! I have looked at the 'brown paper and string' blog and its really lovely, so thankyou for the recommendation. It's really lovely to hear from you too and great to keep in touch with people from the CCAD days! You take care Emma xx Lots of Love Jo xx