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Ateliero : An introduction to who we are and what we do......

Ateliero™ provides a range of artistic, innovative and sculptural products in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours, using our EcoPETlite™ concept.

Our sculptured EcoPETlite™ products are made exclusively from recycled plastic materials, including PET and HDPE.


We can produce bespoke lighting products, including unique lightweight chandeliers, in any colour, size and shape; the products being manufactured using recycled PET bottles. The concept EcoPETlite™ involves the colouring and treatment of reclaimed plastic bottles, the bottles being printed using hand painted or digital print effects.

We offer an excellent service to match each customer’s needs and deliver bespoke solutions, each piece being unique because of the innovative processes we use.

The EcoPETlite™ concept can also be utilised using the HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) milk bottles, giving results that are quite different to the PET material. HDPE takes on a ceramic glaze effect that also makes this material ideally suitable as a fantastic lighting medium.

The EcoPETlite™ concept is in continuous development because of the endless possibilities available, due to our novel processing methods.

Formal Element™

From subtle to vibrant colour, our artistic plastic surfaces all provide high quality finishes that create a range of different surface appearances including matt, gloss and an endless variety of wonderful innovative textures. This approach can be used when treating our range of recycled plastic materials.

As with our lighting solutions, plastics are processed using unique and innovative methods of infusing permanent and lightfast colour into plastic surfaces. We have named this patented process Formal Element™

We are currently experimenting with a whole range of printable plastic surfaces. The following list includes some of the plastics that we have successfully coloured and transformed, using materials in both virgin and recycled condition.

• PVC (Panels)
• Polypropylene
• Acrylic
• Vinyl (Floors and walls coverings)

Our Formal Element™ process eliminates the need for sublimation papers and facilitates printing without having to pre-coat the surface. Colours are impregnated into the surface of the chosen substrate. The result is not a surface print, but an infusion of colour into the material that is waterproof, lightfast and very permanent.

Together with texture and pattern it can be used to replicate hand-painted, digitally generated or textured finishes. Mixing matt and gloss finishes enhances the imprinted textures to create fabulous effects that transform dull plastic items into inspiring works of art!

Our Formal Element™ process can be applied in various product areas, including innovative architectural materials for the building industry, such as flooring, partitioning, wall-coverings, lighting, fashion and interior / exterior design projects.

Formal Element™ is the future!

Formal Element™ is for you!

About US

Ateliero™ is the result of an exciting collaboration between Joanne Riddle and Ondrej Lewis, two creative minds that met during their current MA Art and Design studies at the University of Teesside in Middlesbrough.

Joanne graduated in 1999 with a First Class Honours degree in International Textiles and Surface Pattern. She formed the business Fuzzy Bridge in 2005 in order to develop her surface innovation work, and out of this was born the patented process known as Formal Element.

Ondrej is a 2007 graduate of Interior Architecture and design. He is originally from the Czech Republic with a background in furniture design and manufacture.

Ateliero™ is currently developing a series of products with specially textured surfaces to create a range of different surface appearances including matt and gloss effects and a range of wonderful patterns and surface textures. Our EcoPETlite™ concept is already catching the eye of designers, authors, and companies throughout the UK, as well as being featured in national and international publications including Design Week, IDFX, Icon, WGSN (Generation Now), Interier Exterier, Plastics & Rubber Weekly and Plastics European News.

Ateliero has also exhibited at New Designers 2008 and with [re]design at 100% Futures 2008 and The North Tower of The Tyne Bridge, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

Coloured & sculpted HDPE (plastic milk bottle material)

Ateliero decided to design some innovative surfaces for lighting applications.  This led to the design and development of the EcoPETlite concept, whereby reclaimed PET or HDPE bottles can be recycled using sophisticated methods that colour, texture and sculpt the original material to become something really beautiful......the perfect material for lighting applications, while also being sustainable.

Sculpted & coloured PET using reclaimed PET bottles - The EcoPETlite concept

Ateliero use various processing technologies (some Patent Pending) to develop a multitude of unique surface effects and finishes.  

Ondrej Lewis is now on 'Linked In'

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Joanne Riddle is now on 'Linked In'

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Coloured, stitched and sculpted HDPE (plastic milk bottle material)

Ateliero has unique processing technologies (Patent Pending) for the colouring and texturing of various manmade materials including HDPE, HIPS, Polyester, PVC, Acrylic and PET.

The EcoPETlite, Icon publication, December 2008 issue, page 122

Ateliero has a small classified advertisement on page 122 of the December 2008 issue of Icon.  

Friday, 7 November 2008

Homes and Gardens Classic Design Awards 2009

Joanne Riddle & Ondrej Lewis are delighted to announce that their EcoPETlite is nominated for the Homes and Gardens, Classic Design Awards 2009.

Innovative Surfaces and Materials for Interior Design, Fashion, Lighting and Architectural applications

Ateliero is a design studio based in Middlesbrough, North East England. 
The studio is a collaboration between the surface innovator Joanne Riddle and the interior architect Ondrej Lewis. 
The designers are currently developing innovative surfaces and materials for interior design, fashion, lighting and architectural purposes.